Welcome to SOHEI!

SOHEI was born out some pretty simple desires. I was tired of training in gear that didn’t meet the demands and requirements. I was also done spending my life working for the dreams of others when I could be working towards my own, while doing what I was passionate about. Life, like training, is arduous. More so. It can be downright terrifying. I felt like people should be inspired, empowered-to have the opportunities to build what their lives could ultimately be and that I could build something towards that purpose.

I started out with just that idea, and that idea was all that I had. Fast forward a couple of years after some extremely steep learning curves and here we are today and still growing. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but I can tell you definitively that it takes a world to raise a brand. So first and foremost thanks to all of you out there: the athletes and adventurers supporting us. Whether you’re a professional or it’s simply personal, thank you for being a part of the journey. In today’s market there is more choice than ever, so the fact that you’ve chosen to be a part of what we’re doing is appreciated beyond measure. Without you there is no journey. Well, I mean there is but it’s a hell of a lonely one. Success is richer when shared.

In addition I am indebted to a lot of people who believed in this journey even when they had little reason to. Without them we 100% wouldn’t have made it. So thank you Weave Digital, Hound & Steed Creative, Axis jiujitsu, Cassandra Capello, New Media Design and really too many others to mention.

Yeah. So that’s enough of that. Go shop. Then go train!


-K. White

Founder & Director