‘I have nothing to fear. First of all, everybody else is unavailable for comment.’ -Chuck D.

Integrity, or the art of staying true to yourself, is a primary driver for us and one of the key values we kept in mind when we started out. It’s reflected in the quality of our products, those we want to reach and empower, and the communities/social initiatives we support. Having it can be challenging in a world where so many things pull at us to cut corners or compromise for the approval of others. If you’re running or starting a company, sacrificing some values for the sake of profit is almost a business mantra.

Trust the value of your own ideals and your path. They’ve got as much merit as those given to you by someone who has never walked in your shoes.


It’s rarely easy when you abide by what you believe in. It means opening yourself up to scrutiny from others and criticism for holding a particular set of values. Those are trials and tribulations we know firsthand, mostly from others telling us we were bananas to quit our jobs, or change jobs in order to start something from scratch that catered to a (perceived) niche market. We’ve faced adversity on the journey so far and we are comfortable persisting in the face of resistance.

It’s a tall order to stay on the path of your own ideals. Do it anyway. Rebel. Be an iconoclast and unsubscribe from over-the-counter-culture. We insist on creating the best products possible not only for our customers, but also because it’s integral to who we are.

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Enjoy the adventure. Go train.

-Written by Jahred Dell

Jahred Dell is a Kiwi/ South African currently living in Auckland, New Zealand. He has worked as a freelance sports journalist, is a published poet and is currently a practicing High School Teacher. He is also the founder of the Brazilian jiu jitsu blog Articulate BJJ which he began in 2017. He has written and contributed for companies such as the BJJ Brotherhood, Sohei and more. Originally beginning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a college student in 2012 he has since been competing nationally and internationally while traveling to train with some of the best in the world.